Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ayo Technology

Above is a picture from the "Ayo Technology" Skype open mic event--the same one depicted in my lede. Verbal Blend poets alternated with poets from Voices Merging (on screen), the group that Cedric Bolton started at the University of Minnesota before he came to Syracuse. It's quite a shame that not many people knew about it or had an interest because it was truly a unique event and I'm willing to bet the first of its kind.

"This is the element. Now you set up a stage, you're connecting two schools, faculty, community, students--the artists who are there with our artists who are here--through digital mediums." - Cedric Bolton

Tyler (above) is one of Verbal Blend's most dynamic members. He's a great poet and I plan to dedicate one of my future posts to describing him and his poetry in detail. Check the woman on the screen. She became a permanent presence during the event; as both Verbal Blend and Voices Merging poets recited from their phones, laptops, or memories, she stood in the background and signed in American Sign Language for deaf viewers. It was beautiful. Even the most vulgar of words looked delicate on her fingers.

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